Audio/Video (A/V)

Audio/Video (A/V)

The A/V department (also known as audio-visual) is responsible for setting up and operating equipment for in-school and after-school events such as LOTs, award ceremonies, and much more. Students work with equipment such as PA speakers, audio mixer boards, microphones, projectors, TVs, and more.

A/V Assignments

A/V Chair – This person coordinates and trains A/V Specialists and Crew to set up, operate and put away A/V equipment at events. This person is the point of contact for those working in the A/V Department. When the A/V Chair is unavailable the Assistant Chair will take their place.

A/V Specialists – These people are responsible and well-trained operators of A/V equipment and can train other A/V crew members. These specialists are assigned as standby A/V Crew members for every event. If there are not enough A/V Crew members for an event, A/V Specialists must be available to attend.

A/V Crew– A/V Crew members are trained operators of Audio/Video equipment. Typically, three are assigned per event and one is selected as the supervisor/point of contact for event coordinators.

Audio/Video Leadership

A/V Chair Kylan Reid Kaneko
A/V Assistant Chair Canyon Barrilleux