Mahalo to our Supporters

Thank you to our generous supporters for your invaluable contributions and donations, which enable us to continue fostering creativity and innovation in digital media and journalism.

Hilo High Foundation

The Hilo High School Foundation was formed in 1990, with the purpose of creating and maintaining an endowment fund that would fund educational programs and activities at Hilo High School that would not or could not be funded from State of Hawaii funds. The Hilo High School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

The Waiākea Water Kōkua Initiative is committed to empowering the people of Hawaii through a 3 piko approach that encourages educational opportunities, ‘āina-based conservation & sustainability, and support for the most vulnerable in our community. As part of their Waiākea Water Kōkua Initiative, they are donating cases of their water on a monthly basis to KVIKS Media in order to keep our crew hydrated. Their support is greatly appreciated as now resources can be diverted to other needs.

Who Are We?

KVIKS Media is a chartered student-led organization under the direction of the Hilo High School Technology and Communications Department. KVIKS Media serves a vital role for Hilo High School by producing the daily morning bulletin, maintaining the website and social media pages, producing banners, operating audio/video equipment, assisting with technology support and live broadcasting. Skills taught at KVIKS Media range from leadership, business, technology, digital media, broadcast media, digital design and physical design.


Highlights of our Program

Our students have many opportunities to provide vital services to our school and community, below are a selection of our featured services.



We broadcast around Hawaii Island with industry level equipment and experience. Our productions include BIIF and HHSAA sports, Commencement Ceremonies, May Day, Assemblies, Tournaments and other events. We partner with our community to provide live coverage of local events such as the Kings of Hawaii Softball Tournament, Hawaii Swim Show and more!


Video Production

Every day KVIKS Media produces the morning KVIKS News Bulletin. We produce in our classroom studio and also send student spot teams to do remotes around campus. We also competed and placed in the PBS Hawaii HIKI NO Challenges and have participated in outer-island competitions as well. In the past, we have created our own commencement videos that aired on K5 and have provided video production services to other areas in our community.


Social Media

It is our privilege to operate the Hilo High School social media pages and website. As part of the Hilo High School Communications Department, KVIKS Media receives the latest information from school programs and posts it online upon request. We have news writers to report on stories on our campus and have photographers capturing moments for us to cherish forever. KVIKS Media runs the @hilohighschool, @hilohighathletics and @kviksmedia pages on Instagram and a selection of other social media platforms for Hilo High School, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Creative Makerspace Services

KVIKS Media has access to incredible tools and machines that can help students learn valuable skills and provide awesome services to others. Our makerspace includes a vinyl banner printer, 3D printer, laser engraver, vinyl cutting, dye-sublimation heat pressing and embroidery. The KVIKS Media Creative Department trains students on how to use the equipment and helps others create physical products.


School Services

KVIKS Media provides audio/video services to special events and meetings at Hilo High School. We also provide student technology helpers to assist with setting up and troubleshooting school computers, laptops and peripherals. Our bulletin department informs the student body with a daily show and our photography department shares content with other programs on campus as well.


Hilo High School Communications

KVIKS Media functions as Hilo High School's Communication Department. The adult advisors, PCNC, office and Principal are tasked with sharing information to our students, parents/guardians and community. To better help the Communication Department, a chartered club was made to include students into KVIKS Media. As a critical function of Hilo High School, the KVIKS Media is rightfully referred to as a program with a club supplement. Because of the time, effort and skill of our student members, our services has expanded and our responsibilities have increased over time.


SY 23-24 Program Sign Up

We are currently accepting contact information from those who are interested in joining our program. All interested Hilo High School students and returning KVIKS Media members must fill out this contact information survey. Interested ones will be contacted by an officer or advisor to begin the interview and onboarding process.