News Journalism

KVIKS News consists of journalism, reporters, and news publishing to create fresh and informing news, skits, and promotional material for the school. In addition to school related content, the KVIKS News group produces the KVIKS Spotlight magazine and participates in the PBS Hawaii HIKI NO Student News Network program.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will be able to research, write, and edit news articles that adhere to journalistic standards.
  2. Students will learn how to conduct interviews, gather information from reliable sources, and fact-check their stories.
  3. Students will develop skills in multimedia journalism, including creating multimedia packages with text, images, and videos.

News Journalism Activities

Journalism is something growing within KVIKS Media. We participate in the PBS Hawaii HIKI NO program where we join other schools in competing at seasonal competitions to create a reflection or news story within five days. We make a publication called KVIKS Spotlight where we compile and look behind the scenes at the incredible work being done by KVIKS Media students.

We seek to do more video journalism so that it adds complexity to the KVIKS News Bulletin. We know that announcements become redundant and boring, but what is story involved with it?

Training Offered

  • WORKSHOPS: Hawaii Creative Media hosts workshops on video production and journalism story telling, we participate in these workshops so that our students gain vital skills for video production and journalistic story telling.

Activity Roles

News Editor: News Editors are given an area of responsibility and interest such as Athletics, Events, Current Events, Opinion, Entertainment, etc. They work with reporters to gather information and write news articles to post online. News Editors must follow the creed of the journalist and do things with honesty and non-malice. This primary assignment can be done in person or from home, as long as the content is being uploaded regularly and accurately.

KVIKS Spotlight Editor: This person finds articles of interest that were posted throughout the month and creates a recap newsletter for the KVIKS Media parent and guardian community. If a recap wasn’t written, they write one for the month. Reporter- This secondary role includes students who are interested in news journalism. Students can report on a variety of topics and are encouraged to embed themselves in events of interest. Student reporters collect information for News Editors, can write articles for submission, and interview others. This secondary role can be done in person or from home, as long as they complete their assignment. Reporters must follow the creed of the journalist and do things with honesty and non-malice. They must also be always on the lookout for new stories to write about.

News Leadership Roles

News Chief: The news chief is a leadership position that manages the journalistic pieces uploaded online. They distribute stories and assign leads to news editors and reporters. When not given an assignment, they come up with angles and leads on their own and assign them to news editors. The news chief can also report and edit their own journalistic pieces.

Check Out the KVIKS Spotlight Publication!