Photography is responsible for taking photos and documenting events such as rallies and sporting events. Photographers are also responsible for uploading and editing their photos.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will develop a strong understanding of the principles of composition and lighting in photography.
  2. Students will be able to use DSLR and Mirrorless cameras to capture high-quality images in various settings.
  3. Students will demonstrate proficiency in photo editing software to enhance and retouch photographs.

Photography Activities

Our photographers capture the spirit rallies and events that occur on campus. They also travel with us to photograph athletic competitions. The photos our photographers captures are shared online via social media, our website and are also shared to the yearbook program.

DID YOU KNOW? News outlets such as ESPN Honolulu have frequently asked for photos and often posts student content on their Instagram? Photos have been used as collages or as part of an announcement, such as a MLB Draft announcement!

Training Offered

  • DEDICATED TRAINING: Photography is one of the classes that we offer on a regular basis.
  • ON-THE-JOB: The best experience comes from being in the environment, working with the light and the settings and the real-life struggle of getting the best shot.
  • FEEDBACK: For those who are experienced, we have all been in a similar environment before, so constant feedback helps others improve on their work.

Activity Roles

Photographer: A student photographer who is assigned to go to an event, and capture it. They are also to edit their photos if possible within 24 hours to ensure that their content is posted within a relevant time table.

Photo Editor: At times, there are too many photos to cull and enhance before publishing, so students may be asked to assist as dedicated photo editors.

Photography Leadership Roles

Chief Photographer: Primarily responsible for training photographers and for arranging for photographers to be sent to events, that photos are edited on time and published in a timely manner.

Types of Equipment

KVIKS Media uses Sony A7iii Mirrorless cameras with a variety of lens, including the stock lens, a 1.8 portrait lens and a sports zoom lens, lovingly called, “The Big Boy”. We also run Canon DSLR Cameras such as 60D and 5D cameras with 24-70 EF lens.

We edit our photos using Adobe Lightroom Classic and CC.