Studios (Video Production)

KVIKS Studios focuses on video productions, and news spots. Studios are responsible for PSAs, shorts/skits, and vlogs. Studios is broken into several different teams as well as studio crew members. Each team does a specific task. Students who are not part of a team can train to become an independent Producer where they can learn all the skills necessary to write, produce, film, edit and publish a video.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will gain proficiency in operating video cameras and recording high-quality audio for various production purposes.
  2. Students will be capable of video editing, including adding special effects and post-production enhancements.
  3. Students will understand the pre-production and post-production processes involved in creating a professional-quality video project.

Studios Activities

We have a need for video content when it comes to news spots for the KVIKS News Bulletin, registration videos and promotions, event coverage, client slideshows and more. We strive to compete in video competitions such as SHOOTS Hawaii and hopefully join some other competitions such as the Olelo Youth XChange and Hawaii International Film Festival. These are opportunities for students to learn a new skill and then take that skill and turn it into a passion.

We love it when students work on a personal project where they can set up a crew, write a banger script, shoot, edit and publish! We may be here to teach future or current YouTubers, but in the end, it was this kind of opportunity that allowed our advisors to flex their creativity and find a passion and love in video production in the first place.

Training Offered

  • DEDICATED TRAINING: Before you can create, you need to understand the equipment first. We train students on the equipment and the fundamentals of storytelling, after that, it’s a playground!
  • COLLABORATIVE: Many of the projects will be done under the mentorship of those who are experienced in video production.

Activity Roles

Studios Operator: They know how to run the teleprompter, camera and lights in the studio.

Studios Crew: They can operate the cameras, microphones, lights, tripods, everything you need out in the field while producing a video.

Editor: Students learn how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Director: This student leads the crew and talent to create a video according to their vision.

Writer: Not all students are capable of writing video worthy scripts, so these students provide their creative writing skills for screenplays.

Studios Leadership Roles

Studios Producer: In the end, we want students to have all the skills needed to plan, write, shoot and edit a film. Students who can do all of those things are called a Studios Producer and will be given freedom to work on any project.

Types of Equipment

KVIKS Media uses Sony XD Cameras, Sony A7III Cameras, LED Lights, Teleprompters and Manfrotto Tripods. We also have access to Lavalier Microphones, Shotgun microphones and boompoles. Our Editors use iMacs and Windows Laptops to edit films on using either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.