KVIKS Tech offers tech support and handles PC repairs and other technology-related problems.

Learning Objectives

Students will be proficient in basic computer skills including OS operations, keyboarding skills, fundamental software applications and security.

Tech Activities

WOW! Our Hilo High Tech Department always has a need for volunteers! Everything from setting up, wiping, cleaning computers and laptops, to setting up printers and other peripherals. Students interested in building PCs can consult the experts in the Tech Department and give a try of disassembling a computer and reassembling it.

Training Offered

  • ON-THE-JOB: A lot of times, the techs will show you what to do and how to do it. So you get hands on experience!
  • NEED TO KNOW: If you have a question, ASK! But if you are caught doing something incorrectly, you will be shown the proper way of doing things.