KVIKS Media Foundation Registered as a Charity with the State of Hawaii

HILO, HI – We are pleased to announce that the KVIKS Media Foundation has registered as a charity with the Department of the Attorney General. This allows us to engage in charitable solicitation in the State of Hawaii. You can find our official registration on the Department’s charity registry website here: https://charity.ehawaii.gov/charity/934101028/details.html

The KVIKS Media Foundation aims to foster digital media, broadcasting, photography, news journalism, and audio/video production skills among students and community members. By providing resources, education, and practical experience, the foundation supports the development of media literacy and technical proficiency. It seeks to create opportunities for individuals to engage in meaningful media projects, enhance their storytelling abilities, and prepare for careers in media and related fields. Through these efforts, the foundation contributes to the personal and professional growth of its members while promoting community engagement and collaboration.

Charitable donations and grants play a crucial role in the success of the KVIKS Media Foundation’s projects by funding essential human needs, such as food, and providing the necessary equipment and services. These financial contributions ensure that our members have access to high-quality tools and resources required for media production. Additionally, they support travel expenses, allowing our teams to participate in off-site projects and competitions, thereby enhancing their learning experiences. KVIKS Media at Hilo High School is a primary beneficiary of these efforts, receiving substantial support to develop its creative media programs. Looking forward, we aspire to extend our reach and support other creative media initiatives, fostering a broader impact on media education and community engagement across different regions.

As the KVIKS Media Foundation continues to grow, we are primarily dependent on contributions made to our organization from the public. If you do consider donating to our program, please keep these following facts in mind:

Question: Can I donate/contribute to the KVIKS Media Foundation?
Answer: Yes, we are listed as a public charity on the State of Hawaii Charity Registry: https://charity.ehawaii.gov/, therefore, we are able to solicit and receive donations and contributions from State of Hawaii residents.

Question: How can I make donations or contributions to the KVIKS Media Foundation?
Answer: We are currently unable to accept digital/online donations. The best way to donate to our program is to send a personal or cashiers check made out to KVIKS Media Foundation, and mail it to our principle mailing address found in our letterhead or partnering program’s mailing address listed below. Make sure to leave your contact information so that we can send you an acknowledgement:

C/O Hilo High School
556 Waianuenue Avenue
Hilo, HI 96720

Question: Can I deduct contributions made to the KVIKS Media Foundation?
Answer: As of right now, NO. The IRS will only allow deductions on contributions made to a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit. We have yet to receive our determination letter from the IRS as of July 2, 2024. However, once we receive our determination letter, we will be quick to inform you so that you can deduct contributions made to our organization during this tax year.

Question: Once the KVIKS Media Foundation is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit how much of my contribution can I deduct?
Answer: Per the IRS, up to 50% of your adjusted gross income can be deducted.

Question: Should I consider donating to the KVIKS Media Foundation, even though I may not be able to claim it as a deduction?
Answer: ABSOLUTELY! During our first full year of operation, we are anticipating to spend at least $11,000 in order to support our students, provide scholarships, supplement food and travel costs, as well as celebrate the accomplishments of our beneficiaries at a celebratory gala. We also have a need to acquire work vehicles to better serve our community. All of this costs money, and we could benefit greatly from your support! We promise to inform you right away when we receive our determination letter, thus retroactively allowing your donation to become deductible this 2024 tax year.

For more information regarding the IRS’ policy on Charitable Contribution Deductions, please go to this website: https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/charitable-organizations/charitable-contribution-deductions