2022 Hawaii Swim Show Edition | KVIKS Spotlight

Issue 008 – January 11, 2023 – On the sunny afternoon of Friday, September 2nd, KVIKS Media students arrived at the Wainaku Executive Center for what would be one of the most memorable broadcasts of the year: the first-ever Hawai’i Swim Show!

The event offered local designers the chance to showcase their best works on the runway and a venue to sell their top designs. It ran through the whole weekend, from dawn to deep into the night. Despite the long hours, KVIKS Media members were thrilled when offered the opportunity to broadcast by the founders of the event themselves. They had heard of KVIKS’ work through their relatives, who had seen some of our soccer streams and told them about us. After examining our work, they reached out to our program to invite us to broadcast, bringing the excitement of many KVIKS students.