Interim Officers for SY 23-24

HILO, HAWAII – On March 30, 2023, per the KVIKS Media Constitution, the club elected three interim officers to lead the program in the place of three graduating officers.

Announcing Interim President Rianne Angelique Kealoha Empaynado from the Class of 2025, Interim Vice President Christian Taira from the Class of 2024, Interim Treasurer Florelaine Gonzales from the Class of 2025.

Incumbent Secretary, Kylia Silva from the Class of 2024 will keep her duties until the next upcoming General Election in September 2023 where all positions are up for re-election, per the KVIKS Media Constitution.

We would like to thank graduating officers President Pressley Domingo, Vice Vice President Christopher Babas and Treasurer Pia Consuelo Lagundi for their exemplary work for our program this school year. We also thank previous Vice President Erin Wagner for all of her leadership contributions this past year.

On May 4, 2023, the interim officers were sworn into office at the last KVIKS Media General Meeting during lunch in C-215.