2023 Season of Opportunities Broadcast

We thank Nani Mau Gardens and Hayden Konanui-Tucker for the opportunity!

Luke, an advisor with the KVIKS program, helped the group of Hilo High School media students, utilized a variety of video cameras and equipment. They learned hands on how to capture every beautiful, yet raw piece of footage on the runway to encapsulate it for all time… 

Season Of Opportunities Winter Fashion Show – Nani Mau Gardens And Runway Hawaiʻi

Line Producer: Luke Eclipse-Ujano
TD/D: Rianne Empaynado
Shading: Erin Wagner
Media/Audio: Kylan Kaneko
Camera Operators: Sky Bardwell-Jones, Reana Lagronio
Production Assistants: Zion Rodrigues, Landan Lopez, Laʻikuwai Yamanoha

Advisors: Luke Eclipse-Ujano, Hinano Naeole, Reynard Galdones, Cheyenne Asuncion-Adams